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Featured Destination:  Jamaica

Whether you are looking to chill by the pool with a fruity drink in your hand or to take part in fun-filled tropical island activities - you will get your money’s worth in Jamaica!   The smiling faces and lively vibe of the island will revitalize you from the moment you arrive at your resort.

Relax on sandy beaches while enjoying the view of the calm turquoise waters and dive in for some of the world’s best snorkeling around Jamaica’s coral reefs.   Explore the Rose Hall Great House Plantation home, climb the terrace at Dunn's River Waterfall and take an evening boat ride on the glistening waters of Luminous Lagoon.   Experience culinary seafood delights and sample jerk chicken prepared by the locals.  Give exhilarating water sports a go in the bay, play 18 holes of golf at White Witch Golf Course and spend an afternoon in a water park.  


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Choose from adults-only resorts, such as Sandals or Couples, or make it a trip for the whole family.  Why wait? Give us a call today to start planning your Jamaican vacation for next fall/winter!   

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